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Remarketing Weekly

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Remarketing Weekly kicked off in November of 2011 as a weekly live stream and recorded show on the topics of remarketing, site retargeting and search retargeting.

My first guest was Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist. With black friday just a few days after the show, our topic was timely as we discussed shopping cart abandonment and how to use email remarketing to recapture some of your lost shoppers.

My second guest was James Moore, Chief Revenue Officer at James blew us away with his detailed explanation about how search retargeting works, how to use search retargeting and even how not to use it.

Every week, I will have a combination of interesting guests and/or conversations about remarketing. If you have asked the question “What is Remarketing” or “What is Retargeting”, please join me every week as I share how to use remarketing to increase your sales, leads and branding and of course, Retargeting Fail stories as well.

As your host, I welcome ideas, suggestions and comments for the Remarketing Weekly show. As the Client Performance Strategist for Online Performance Marketing, I am available for both consulting and to support your full service needs for implementing remarketing, site retargeting and search retargeting for your company.

Please contact me through my contact page or through the form below if you have comments, questions or an interest in getting started with remarketing.

Recycling Existing Video

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Recycling Video was the topic I spoke about recently for the DFW Video Marketing Guild. I chose this topic because we are almost all guilty of creating video content that we never fully utilize.

During my presentation, I wanted to show how you could take your existing video content and recycle it to get more exposure online, more views and potentially more customers, clients, leads and sales. Some of the topics covered were:

The obvious ideas for recycling video

  • Just uploading the video content to a publicly accessible location
  • Adding the content to your website
  • Using current and even older video content in social media

The less obvious ideas to recycle your video

  • Cross-linking video content and links to videos
  • Remix videos to create new content
  • Video search engine optimization (VSEO)
  • Using YouTube promoted videos to get more views

The “not so” obvious video recycling ideas

  • Add links to new content at the end of old videos
  • Use YouTube features like annotations
  • Find new audiences with closed caption
  • Transcribe and upload the transcription
  • Combine video content with QR promotions

I am Shelley Ellis, the Client Performance Strategist at Online Performance Marketing .I would love to present this topic (in it’s full presentation format) or other display advertising topics at or for your meetup, event or webcast. Please contact me using the form below.

Hello? This is a conversion calling!

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Google and Marin software both made announcements this week around call tracking for your paid search campaigns.


Here’s the Media Post article link (and a snippet from the article) on both options:

Marin Software on Thursday will release CallTrack, an open platform to optimize paid-search campaigns and maximize call center activity and purchases. It works with automated bidding, spits out reports, and works with existing in-house and third-party call tracking solutions.

AdWords blog post (plus snippet):

What if you found out that your AdWords campaigns were bringing you more customers than you realized?

Zac Stafford, Senior Search Strategist at Nina Hale Search Marketing in Minneapolis, MN, recently discovered that this was true for his client, modern furniture retailer Room & Board. Stafford saw some encouraging results as an early beta tester of AdWords call metrics, a new feature that automatically includes a unique phone number in your ads to measure the calls that you receive from AdWords.

“By cross-checking our call metrics reports with our sales records, we saw that half the people who called the toll free number in our ad purchased online but the other half purchased in a store. Before using call metrics, we determined our ROI just by looking at the online sales numbers. Now we have proof that online search ad campaigns drive in-store purchases.”

Today we’re announcing that AdWords call metrics is available for more advertisers, making it easier than ever to measure the phone calls that AdWords generates for your business. Using the technology behind Google Voice, call metrics assigns your campaign a unique phone number which is automatically inserted into your ad on both desktop and high-end mobile devices, where the number is clickable.

Call metrics ad at the top of the search results:

Increase Qualified Visitors To Your Site

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((Some of My Display Network Secrets are Including in This Series))

You Can’t Make Money If Your…

… website doesn’t attract a steady stream of people who want to buy every week. And you can’t make a profit unless you have enough people coming to your site.

The simple truth is that if you could double or triple your traffic – or even increase the number of qualified visitors to your website each day by 500% – you’d make a lot more.

Now I’m going to tell you a secret.

It’s not that hard to attract thousands of visitors to your site every day of the week – you just need to know how the pros do it.

Here’s how to find out >>

Recently my friend and colleague Charlie Cook persuaded 11 of the top experts on building website traffic to reveal the top ways anyone can get massive traffic with their website. Yes, I was honored to be included, and you’ll hear my best ideas if you register below.

Believe me, this information will fundamentally change your profit equation for the better.

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Free premium local listings on Google

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If your business is a local, brick & mortar shop, you need to pay attention to this. There’s a window of opportunity right now for getting *free* organic listings. Absolutely premium real estate on Google Maps:

{Screen Shot of Google Local Map Search}

This is actually superior to a regular #1 organic listing or an AdWords ad.

At this point in time, these are fairly straightforward to get, if you follow the right, exact set of procedures.

Join Perry Marshall for a conversation with Google Maps expert Dave Jabas where he’ll show you how to position your business squarely in the first 7 listings on Google maps. He’ll show you a motorcycle dealership that went from 0 to 1200 clicks a month in less than a week:

P.S.: If you do any kind of consulting or web design for local businesses, this is a non-negotiable dimension of your service offering.

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